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For those unfamiliar with scientist ritual, posters are a way for researchers to present and discuss data prior to committing to a full blown paper. Below is a little smattering of my favorite posters from recent research conferences and outreach events. 



Since middle school diorama building, I've had a bit of a thing for trying to figure out ways to engage and convince people that science is, in fact, cool. For the past few years, I've managed to do it professionally. Below is a behind-the-scene tour of exhibits designed and developed by my team and me. 


Portland Alcohol Research Center - 10' Exhibit Posters + Touchscreen "Effects of Alcohol" Interactive Infographic

Poster graphics: Jason Laramie, CMI


Portland Alcohol Research Center - "Think On It" Light Up Video Game

Console construction: Figure Plant


Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center - 10' Exhibit Posters + Touchscreen Interactive Infographic


Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center - Media for Touchscreen Infographic

Media production: Brandon Pousley, Ed.M.


If a picture's worth a thousand words than pretty information is worth double. All of my curricula, web and in-person, is developed with supplemental visuals. Everyone who has ever sat through a bland, redundant powerpoint knows - a well-balanced presentation never gets old. Below is a random sampling of visual aids and hand-outs. If you want to steal them, shoot me an email, because then it's not stealing.

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That's just about the most I can share and still maintain my mystery. You can read my full CV here, or get in touch to discuss a project.